Gas Station TVLogoGas Station TV


Michigan Operations: Birmingham, MI
Sector: Media
Date Invested: May 2014

Gas Station TV (GSTV), a Destination Media, Inc. company, is America’s #1 video network at the pump, delivering an industry-leading experience to more than 50 million monthly viewers nationwide. Exclusive content from ESPN, CNN’s Headline News and Buzz Today, Bloomberg TV and AccuWeather engages consumers and drives them to action on behalf of advertisers and gas retailers. Visit www.GSTV.com for more information.

Fiber By-ProductsLogoFiber By-Products


Michigan Operations: White Pigeon, MI
Sector: Clean Technology
Date Invested: June 2013

Fiber By-Products Corporation is a processor, recycler, and manufacturer of wood products. Since 1991, FBP has been the link between wood waste producers and wood by-product end users. The Company provides wood waste producers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach to disposing their waste. Once the waste is collected, FBP recycles and processes it into consumable products, including animal bedding, boiler fuel, wood mulch and, since 2006, premium wood pellets used to heat homes and businesses. The Company manufactures and sells more than 60,000 tons of pellets annually. Visit www.fiberby-products.com for more information.

Young InnovationsLogoYoung Innovations


Sector: Healthcare
Date Invested: January 2013

Young develops, manufactures and markets supplies and equipment used by dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and consumers. The Company’s consumables product offering includes disposable and metal prophy angles, prophy cups and brushes, dental micro-applicators, moisture control products, infection control products, dental handpieces (drills) and related components, endodontic systems, orthodontic toothbrushes, flavored examination gloves, children’s toothbrushes, and children’s toothpastes. In addition, the Company offers a line of diagnostic products that includes panoramic X-ray machines and related supplies. The Company believes it is a leading U.S. manufacturer or distributor of prophy angles and cups, liquid surface disinfectants, dental micro-applicators and obturation units designed for warm, vertical condensation. Visit www.ydnt.com for more information.

Pipp Mobile Storage SystemsLogoPipp Mobile Storage Systems


Based in: Walker, MI
Sector: Consumer Products
Date Invested: January 2013

Pipp Mobile Storage designs space-saving and storage systems for retail stores, offices, companies, and institutions worldwide. In addition to its mobile carriage systems and shelving systems, The Company’s extensive product line also includes perimeter wall storage and hanger storage systems, as well as a broad line of accessories. Pipp ships to nearly 5,000 domestic and international locations annually. Visit www.pippmobile.com for more information.

MRS Partners


Based in: Hamburg, MI
Sector: Healthcare
Date Invested: May 2012

MRS Partners provides a full range of the highest quality, outcome oriented, physical therapy and occupational therapy for orthopedic injuries, work related injuries, sports injuries and various neurological and neuromuscular conditions. The rehabilitation process is an individual, personalized, goal-oriented program with an emphasis on restoring normal function through quality therapy services while minimizing costs. The Company’s therapy services are designed to help patients regain normal mobility and strength, and to provide long term pain relief, thus allowing them to get back to their normal activities as quickly as possible. Therapists use state of the art technology and techniques and are highly trained to meet the specific needs of their patients. Visit www.mrspt.com for more information.



Based in: Wixom, MI
Sector: Business Services
Date Invested: October 2011

RevSpring (FKA DANTOM Systems) is a provider of comprehensive, value-added business process outsourcing solutions serving the accounts receivable management and revenue cycle management sectors with a focus on high growth industries such as healthcare, financial services, and cable and utilities. The Company provides customized data and transaction document processing solutions that improve its clients’ collection rates and reduce their operating costs. Visit www.revspringinc.com for more information.

Huron, Inc.LogoHuron, Inc.


Based in: Lexington, MI
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Date Invested: September 2011

Founded in 1943, Huron, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of value-added precision components, primarily bar-turned products and tubular assemblies that are used in automotive engine, transmission, fuel and climate control systems. The company is one of the largest independent producers of precision bar-turned products in the United States and has successfully leveraged its position to expand into the specialized tubular fabrication market.

The company has 271 full-time employees in Michigan and is one of the largest employers in Sanilac County. Huron manufactures more than 380 different highly engineered components and is the sole-source supplier for each of its products. They are found on a diverse mix of more than 75 cars, trucks, and crossovers, including 10 of the top 20 best-selling vehicles in North America. Visit www.huroninc.com for more information.

The InvestMichigan! Mezzanine Fund exited its investment in Huron Inc. in February 2013.

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